East Dene Visit University Centre Rotherham

As part of their topic ‘Through the Decades’ Year 5 visited the old Doncaster Gate site which is to become the University Centre Rotherham.  As well as learning about the history of the site the visit also prompted the children to consider their future ambitions and aspirations.

As Year 5 approached the building site which many walk past every day, they stopped to look at the workmen high up on the edge of the building.  Excitedly, we met Alan and he informed us of some of the risks when on a building site. We were each issued with hardhats, gloves and high visibility jackets. During our visit we learned of the history of Doncaster Gate as well and its future. We were shown around the building and held many building materials.  We saw where the entrance to the university will be as well as the lift and canteen.  Alan said that we will be welcome to come back when they are near completion.

Many of us are hoping to go to university and having a campus so very close will make it more cost effective and possible for us to attend.

“I have really enjoyed finding out that Doncaster Gate was once a hospital and now it is going to be a university.” Racheal Class 12

“In the future I would like to be a teacher. Having a university so close will help me a lot.”  Arwa, Class 13