Trust & Governing Body Meetings

You can view the calendar of CLPT schools governing-body and trust meeting dates below Along with the attendance details for each meeting in the Attendance tab.

Meeting Dates 2019/20

2nd October 2019

  • Trust Board meeting

13th November 2019

  • Pay & Renumeration Policy meeting
  • Finance, Personnel, Audit & Risk meeting


Y = Attended, N = Apologies Accepted, NA = Apologies not Accepted, NS = No Apologies sent

Governor Governor Type TRUST BOARD

02 Oct 2019

Pay and Renumeration Policy

13 Nov 2019

Finance,  Personnel, Audit and Risk

13 Nov 2019

Trust Board


02 Dec 2019

Trust Board


05 Feb 2020

Mrs Georgetta Holloway OBE Other Y Y Y
Mr Phil Marshall Director Y Y Y N
Mr James Nichols Trustee Y N Y
Mr Graham Parker Director Y Y Y Y N
Mr Doug Selkirk Ceo Y Y Y Y
Mr Robert Turton Director Y Y Y Y Y
Mr Phil Williams Other Y Y Y Y
Miss Sofia Zamir Trustee Y Y Y Y Y